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1. Do not buy roll film or memory cards in local tourist areas; bring what you need from home.
2. Do not take photos in politically sensitive areas such as military bases, customs or airports. Otherwise, you might be regarded as a terrorist or a person who has certain threat.
3. Certain places or backgrounds may incur fees. Be sure to clarify the amount before taking photos.
4. For religious reasons and for relic protection, many scenic spots such as museums, grottoes, temples, monasteries, palaces and cultural relics do not allow the taking of photos. ‘No Photos’ signs mark restricted areas.
5. Before taking photos of Chinese people which show their way of life or a street scene, you should first ask permission.
6. In some special wildlife reserves, taking photos close to the animals is not allowed for the sake of tourists’ safety. Please pay attention to the signs in these places.
7. In special areas such as Tibet, photography is strictly limited. Typical local customs and religious places such as palaces or monasteries cannot be photographed unless you pay for your photo taking or get the permission.

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