Petroleum Exploration and Development Research Institute Langfang Branch director visited BIT Group    [2016-01-22]    BIT

BIT green enzyme is under promotion at this moment. This morning, Dr. Guan Baoshan, director of Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration and Development (RIPED) Langfang Branch, was invited to pay a visit to BIT Group, and made a special training report for our technical staffs concentrating on the current situation and potential power of fracturing fluid application. Dr. Guan has made a thorough explanation with the subject of “the current fracturing situation to the future of green fracturing system”. His report is expected to explore a new direction for the fracturing technology and its application. Through Dr. Guan’s report, a more comprehensive view of biotechnology in oil field, green enzyme and fracturing green chemicals has been well received, and guidance in those fields can be expected soon. To enhance technical strength, BIT’s Research and Development Department will invite more and more renowned experts to offer more constructive trainings and lectures in the coming times.