R&D Center

The R&D Center of BITeomics, Inc. has basic facilities on industrial microbiology, molecular biology and oilfield chemical research and development, a promising expert team, and a huge resource of international experts and partner institutions. BIT R&D Center is the first center in China to achieve the technology industrialization of enzyme gel breaker, enzyme gel breaker well completion and MEOR. Research team in R&D Center currently consists of 30 members. All the technical staffs are above master degree and from domestic or foreign universities or research institutions. All the team members are capable of independent research and development work and have spirit of team work and scientific and technological innovation.

BITeomics R&D Center - Scientific Research and Technology Innovation Platform

BITeomics R&D Team is dedicated to exploring the fields of biotechnology and its application and has built the innovation technology forum with the core of MEOR, enzyme gel breaker, oil and water well enzyme blockage remover, biological heavy oil viscosity reducer, profile-control flooding, biological controlled release acid system, petroleum metagenome service and environmental and ecological remediation. The technological forum has been used in major oil fields and has become qualified suppliers of the Changqing, Liaohe, Jilin, Sinkiang, Yanchang and other major oil fields. The Center has assumed accumulated 13 outsourcing projects from PetroChina Co Ltd., and Sinopec Group. We have more than 30 independent intellectual property rights. Thousands of successful experience in the field well test has witnessed endless exploration of oil and gas excavation of BIT people, this also showed the strong vitality of the combination between biotechnology and energy industry.

HOT SPRING HARBOR INSTITUTE OF PETROLEUM BIOTECHNOLOGY,HSH-IPB founded by BITeomics in 2011, is the first domestic and overseas non-profit organization dedicated to oilfield biotechnology innovations. The purpose is to expand the application scope of biotechnology in petroleum engineering and oil production and deepen the fundamental development of biotechnology / products to provide technical services to biotechnology industry. Institute organizes academic exchange activities regularly with experts to promote the strategic thinking of new green energy development, work out solutions for key issues in petroleum mining by joint efforts with domestic and overseas research institutions, provide constructive advice and feasibility analysis to functional divisions and scientific research institutions, and assist decision-making departments improve related policies and industry standards. The institute has participated and organized conferences in the fields of energy saving and oilfield chemistry since it was founded and having had partnership with over one hundred professionals and dozens of companies, continues to grow in influence.


Based on product line and project field, Oilfield biotechnology division is divided into:  oil microbiome, oilfield metagenome, oilfield chemistry, fracture acidizing and oilfield technology research office. It focuses on: 1)   Research and production of special enzyme used in enhanced oil recovery, biological refining, and environmental remediation 2) Research and production of bio-polymer used in drilling and completion, profile control and water shutoff, and polymer flooding. 3) Research and production of efficient bio surfactants used in heavy oil viscosity reduction, paraffin removal and environmental remediation. 4) Selection and preparation of special microbial agent used in microbial flooding and ecological remediation. 5) Petroleum industry and other biological additives. R & D center mastered the core technology which is leading domestic industry, and catching up with the pace of foreign leading companies, related fields include:
1. Oilfield metagenome based stimulation technique: first developed the concept of oilfield metagenome, discover the biological resources in oil reservoir with molecular biology technique, maximize the benefits of beneficial organisms and their metabolites to further improve the oil & gas mining yield.
2. Biological fracturing fluid system and enzyme - Coupling fracturing technology: replace conventional chemical additives with biological products for a low damage, biodegradable and environment friendly biological fracturing fluid system.
3.Heavy oil viscosity reduction technology: reduce the viscosity of heavy oil with microbial metabolism, reduce the oil flow resistance and increase the mobility of crude oil, and enhanced oil recovery. Achieve viscosity reduction rate of heavy oil up to 90% with independent research microbial agents , increase 5-30% recovery and increase yield.
4. Biological treatment of fracturing flow-back fluid: convert sucrose-containing wastewater into oil displacement agent with existing biotechnology. This technology can save construction cost of oilfield and improve recovery.

5. Biological acidification system on the spot: This project will provide domestic carbonate oil reservoirs with excellent acidification system. The system slowly release acid, neutral in room temperature, can reach deep acidizing purpose, no secondary pollution, does not corrode pipes.

In the future, we are confident to promote the progress and development of oil fields in biotechnology with the field workers. BIT will further cooperation with oil fields, strengthen regional services, and promote new technologies and ideas. We will continue to understand the essence of the demand of the oil field, improve R&D strategy and product application, and integrate basic research with practical application, in order to build a three-dimensional business model of R&D, production, sales and service, and become the most trustworthy partners to the oil field people.