Enzyme Gel Breaker
 Dr.Nzyme®Enzyme Gel Breaker.
 Exclusively degrade guar gum, hydroxypropyl guar and other plant gum with β-1,4-glycosidic bond.
 Widely used in oil&gas hydraulic fracturing at the range of temperature of 10-150℃ and PH of 4-10.
 High activities, small dosage, continue happening degradation reaction with plant gel.
 Enzyme-microorganism-biomass comprehensive utilization technique.


MEOR Technology
 Biological heavy oil viscosity reducer: suitable for thin oil, heavy oil and high pour-point oil reservoir.
 Biological oil displacement agent: Improve the efficiency of oil displacement by more than 10%.
 Biological water plugging profile control agent:new type binary complex flooding system, suit to inefficient well of high water-cut and injection imbalance.
 Biological paraffin remover: used to prevent and remove the precipitation of paraffin near-well zone.


Enzyme Blockage Remover
 Enzyme blockage remover: used to remove blockage caused by starch, cellulose-based, xanthan gum and other polymer, or used to clean drilling mud.
 Complex biological enzyme blockage remover:used to remove oil reservoir all kinds of inorganic and organic blockage, improve the permeability of formation, increase production.
 Biological well-cleaning fluid: used to well-cleaning operating, good compatible with formation fluid, strong anti-swelling capacity, low surface-interfacial tension.

Bio-acidification System
 Biological controlled release acid system: potential acid deep-acidizing technology.
 No toxicity, no harm, biodegradable system.
 There is no need anticorrosive agent, low flash point, safety operating.
 Controlled reaction speed, the best input-output ratio >1:4
 Expand the radius of acid fracturing or acidizing 3-5 times, increasing production 20% to 50%.


Bioremediation Products
 Comprehensive treatment microbial bacteria agent: suitable for the comprehensive treatment of all kinds of soil and water organic pollution.
 Oil-polluted water remediation bacteria agent: suitable for the treatment of oil-polluted water and oil recovery wastewater.
 Oil-polluted soil remediation bacteria agent: suitable for the treatment of oil-polluted soil.